Terms and conditions of use

When providing the service in the online shop that Recruit Europe Ltd (our company) manages, the users (customer) agree with according to the following regulations.

About the commodity
Information on the commodity published in this shopping site has the wrapping mark of each commodity or information from the manufacturer. If you find out uncertain point please inquires in mail in advance or after buying it. Moreover, the explanation of each commodity etc. is just our knowledge for your information and opinions. As for this content, our company doesn't assume the guarantee and the responsibility at all.

There is unusually short best-before date product which has under one month by the transportation circumstances from Japan even we check the management of the commodity at the best-before date and being sent out by our company. Our company will not send out regardless of the stock existence about the commodity which the best-before date is under one week at the time of sending out of the product ordered.

Please note that our company can not change any order correction after 12 hours when you made order through our web site. Please send the mail that wrote the change within 12 hours after orders when the mistake is found in the content of the order and address for delivery address and specification of the delivery. Please acknowledge being not able to receive the cancellation, and orders after 12 hours or more have passed since it ordered.

The delay of the delivery generated by the transmission mistake of information like customer's address etc. doesn't assume the responsibility in our company at all.

Please E-mail us or the report by telephone when the incompleteness of transmission information occurs, and note that the replaced order is canceled when there is no reply in 24 business hours or less.
As a rule, the bank transfer and the Paypal payment become the payment in advance.
A part of display products might be delayed by a frequent commodity's changing places though running out of stock of the commodity lets us notify on online. In that case, our company assumes does not have any responsibility at all.

Prices of merchandise, the content of the commodity, and information such as packages might change without a previous notice.

When the commodity such as the sale commodities qtys are limited, We might cancel for sale without a notice.


Delivery services might be used unusually when judged that our company is necessary though the commodity that the delivery and our company of payment order is delivered by mail or the DHL Co. that connects our company with business tie-up in principle. This delivery company power to make decisions is assumed to be what our company maintains.

About the delivery

It is amount of generation according to the delivery price list that our company provided that the customer bears the full amount about the delivery charge.

When the charge surplus etc. of weight are generated, amount according to the delivery price list that our company provided is assumed to be the one that the customer bears the full amount.

One weight lets me assume it until 30 kilos in principle in consideration of the breakage prevention and the safety of delivered goods. Two or more boxes might be used for the delivery of one time by our judgment by the weight of the commodity and safety.

When the delay of the sending out luggage and the loss are generated by delivery trader's circumstances, it is assumed the one according to the use regulations of the delivery trader of our use.

The payment obligation of the tariff and the value added tax in which it follows the law in each nations is assumed to be the one that the customer has at the time of the foreign countries sending out. Moreover, the responsibility when there is a commodity that becomes a violation by the each country law is assumed to be the one that the customer has.

The delivery charge might be changed by the delivery trader's charge change etc. without a previous notice.

Returned goods and exchange responsibility

The arrival commodity accepts returned goods or the exchange by any chance when the one such as cutting at the best-before date is generated or only dissatisfaction is being already in the commodity at the stain, damage, and the arrival stage depending on the valid reason though pays the attention of thorough to the delivery of the commodity. First of all, please let me exchange commodities after the report is gotten from our company, and liquidate the repayment etc.
When goods is returned, and it exchanges it, it is assumed the one sent out from the commodity arrival to the following address within 21 days like the state of the commodity arrival. Please acknowledge not responding to the repayment and the exchange to our company beforehand when not becoming sending the commodity even if you have passed 14 days since it reported.

The carriage that hangs to returned goods and other cost are assumed that returned goods is what our company bears only by our responsibility.

Address of returned goods commodity
ul. Bankowa 8A/17
87-100 Torun Poland

When the glass and bottles have been damaged when the commodity arrives, the attestation signature of the driver who delivers the commodity is necessary. It is not likely to be able to repay when this signature doesn't exist, and request the signature, please.

Please acknowledge that the content described in here might be added and deletes or be modified without a previous notice.