Akitakomachi Rice (Fuji-Sakura Vietnam) - 2kg

Akitakomachi Rice (Fuji-Sakura Vietnam) - 2kg

Akitakomachi Rice (Fuji-Sakura Vietnam) - 2kg


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Fuji sakura

Fuji Sakura is Round Rice, Japanese sticky rice (Oryza sativa japonica), a variety of Akita Komachi, a selected in 1982, at the Agricultural Experimental Center of Akita prefecture. Around 2000 he gained great popularity throughout Japan. Its unique advantages - moderate stickiness, elasticity and well maintained humidity meant that this particular variety of rice has become the most recommended for sushi. Due to the deterioration of the conditions of cultivation of rice in Japan (global warming), part of the production is transferred to other countries. Rice Fuji Sakura, which we propose, was harvested from crops in Vietnam, but only from cuttings imported from Japan to avoid the crossing of species of local foreign varieties. In this way, a guarantee of the authenticity Akita Komachi crops. Fuji Sakura Rice is planted, cultivated, honed under the strict supervision of Japanese experts and technologists crops and exported mainly to customers in Japan.

BBD: 2015-05-31

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